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Homework Policy and Follow-up

In the national school system both the parents and the students face many challenges. The load of the academic work of the national syllabus often represents a burden on students, and their parents are stunned by the amount of written work their children have to do daily.

At AMS, we provide continuous academic support to all of our students. Our vision is that academic work shouldn’t be a burden that prevents our students from enjoying their school life; this is why we provide many activities in our daily program and assign homework and/or home activities that assess the understanding of the students to what has been explained in the class. Excessive and unnecessary repetition of written text will never be a part of our daily homework.

Parents support is needed at home to make sure their students are able to finish their homework unassisted. In case a student is having a difficulty in any part of the homework, his/her parent should write to the school teacher. The student will receive further academic support on one to one basis.

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